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King James and the Unicorn

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Music and lyrics by Jonathan Le Shana
All instruments performed by Jonathan Le Shana
Recorded and Produced by Jacob Montague and Jonathan Le Shana
Mixed by Jacob Montague
Mastered by Dale Becker
Cover art by Maria Menshikova
Recorded at the Curious Cormorant in Seal Beach, California

Instruments used: Goya classical guitar, Cordoba tenor ukulele, Ibanez acoustic guitar, Ibanez bass, Gretsch G2622 electric guitar (with a Seymour Duncan SH-2n Jazz pickup, Fender Deville 410 amp, and there is some uncertainty regarding the pedals, but pretty sure at least the Wampler Tumnus pedal... should have written this stuff down LOL), Logic ProX for midi kick drum and synthesizer pad, Mexican maraca, RhythmTech tambourine, hand claps



The crowds would cheer

The streets all packed

People appear

Adore this great act

The grand parade

At noon everyday

All the accolades

Like a loony charade

All diamonds and gold

All the power you stole

To fill the deep hole

Gotta forfeit the soul

King James and the Unicorn

Had it all but you wanted more

Taken from his mother

At such a young age

Who’d ever blame him

For filling with rage?

At the sight of the joy

Of simplicity’s reign

Instead he’d wage war

On the peasants and lame

King James and the Unicorn

Had it all but you wanted more

The muddy river

In armored feet

Though he’d quiver

He shan’t dare speak

The clouds rolled in

The lightning shot

There stood the horned one

Calm as a rock

(unicorn theme - ah ah ah)

James’ wizarding axe

Took one great swing

All came together;

King and the lightning

Prophecy complete

He conquered the beast

Hornless common white steed

You thief!

King James and the Unicorn

Had it all but you wanted more

The hooves kicked hard

Right in the face

Knocked the king out cold

Then it galloped away

When James came to

His sight was lost

Magic horn gone too

An extinction, the cost